Fire Department Fundraiser Idea: Two Campaigns That Cheerleaders Can Use

Cheerleaders are not only good at making cheers and getting varsity players pumped up. They can also be effective at fundraising campaigns. If your cheerleading team currently needs funds for new uniforms, you can have a look at the fundraiser idea choices that I’m going to offer to you in this article. The ideas that I have prepared fire fundraiser for you in this post are not only profitable but they’re also very fun to do. Fun is an important motivating factor that will help you and your team members have a nice experience while you’re raising money at the same time.

The first fundraiser idea that you and your team should try out is offering custom made posters of different school sports teams or of cheerleaders. This is very easy to do. For example, you can feature the photo of a football team or a series of various action photos. You can use each one of these photos to make wall sized poster or fundraising calendars. You can add some allure to your products by placing in your game schedules or team slogan. You can have these things printed using a contrasting color so that they can attract some attention from people. Aside from this, you can also choose to design a couple of items to celebrate your different championship teams; intensify the rivalry between two towns; commemorate your previous titles; promote recognition for all of the sports teams in your school on spirit posters; or feature your cheerleading squad in action.

Any of the items that I have stated above will surely gain lots of popularity students very quickly. I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of creative juices stored in your mind for this kind of thing.

These are also a sure hit to local business establishments as well because they post these things in their front windows. In addition, players from different teams may also want to have a souvenir copy that’s suitable for end of the season autographs. Now, don’t forget that parents as well as grandparents may also want to grab their own copies for sake of remembrance.

You can sell your posters at pep rallies; various sports events; through the help of stores inside your school; and through the help of your very own members by setting up merchant tables in various high traffic areas within your community during weekends. One of the important aspects that you need to look at when you’re doing this type of campaign is the set of poster designs that you’re going to use. Try to be really creative with your products so that you can make them look very interesting and attractive. Let your creative side take over so that you can come up with something explosive.

The next fundraising idea that you have a shot at are holiday greetings CDs. This works similar to an order-taker sales campaign. This involves giving people the opportunity to have customized CDs that contain their favorite Christmas songs in them. For this type of fundraising campaign, you need to build a list of wonderful and cheerful Christmas songs. You then list these on brochures, which your sales volunteers will be showing to people during their door to door sales campaign. Aside from the songs listed in your brochures, you can also provide people the option to suggest songs that aren’t included in your list. Once you get everybody’s orders in, you can then produce the C